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Curacao Office Update

Email is working again and an automatic forwarding system means all client correspondence will be read and replied to by the senior team members present in the office. It may take a little longer than usual to get a response. If something is urgent please call Koen van Baren (+5999 6702821) or  Eric Paassen (+5999 6702822).

Regrettably, due to the extent of the flooding in the area where our office is located, it is going to be sometime before our offices on Chuchubiweg are ready for occupation again. However, we have already found a new temporary office space, which can accommodate all staff members. We anticipate that to become operational during the course of the next few days and it will then be back to business as usual.

This message will be updated when further information is available.
Following the damage to our offices on Chuchubiweg on Tuesday night (resulting from Tropical Storm Tomas), our Business Continuity Plan is now in action; team managers, and other key staff, from the Curacao office will begin work today from an alternative location.
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