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Notice SOLID 2005-I B.V.

SOLID 2005-I B.V. (the "Issuer")


EUR 601,900,000 floating rate Mortgage-Backed Notes 2005 due 2099, issue price 100 per cent. (ISIN: XS0233315869);

(the “Notes”)


In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Notes, notice is hereby given that it is the intention of the Issuer to exercise its right to redeem the Notes in full on the Optional Redemption Date falling on 25 November 2010, provided that the Issuer at such date has received the required funds. Last day of trading will be 19 November 2010 .


Amsterdam, 26 October 2010


ATC Management B.V.

Managing Director

Fred Roeskestraat 123

1076 EE Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Notice to the Noteholders of SOLID 2005-I B.V.
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