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Goldfish Master Issuer BV - Notice Noteholders meeting 18 June 2010

Notice is hereby given with respect to Notes of each of the Class(es):

Euro 9.147.400.000 Class A Notes (meeting at 10.00hrs AM (CET))
Euro 234.050.000 Class B Notes (meeting at 10.30hrs AM (CET))
Euro 371.000.000 Class C Notes (meeting at 11.00hrs AM (CET))

Amsterdam , 1 June 2010


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT meetings of noteholders of the Issuer  (the "Meetings"), are to be held on 18 June 2010 for each Class of Notes at the time specified above right next to such Class at the offices of Stichting Security Trustee Goldfish (the "Security Trustee") at Olympic Plaza, Fred. Roeskestraat 123, 1076 EE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the resolutions on the matters referred to in the agenda.


The Meetings will be convened at the request of a noteholder of each Class of Notes holding not less than ten (10) per cent. of the total principal amount outstanding of the notes of such class.


1) Opening.

2) Appointment of Chairman and Secretary of the Meeting.

3) Proposal to remove Fitch Ratings Limited as Rating Agency from the Programme, provided that at least two other rating agencies out of S&P, Moody's and DBRS have been appointed as rating agencies for the Programme.

4) Any other business.

5) End of meeting.

The report by the Security Trustee concerning item 3 on the Agenda is available free of charge from the date hereof at the offices of the Security Trustee and at the office of BGL Société Anonyme (the "Principal Paying Agent") and at the office of Fortis Bank (Nederland) N.V. (the "Paying Agent"), for this matter each choosing office at the address of the Security Trustee.


The Noteholders shall be admitted to the Meetings on presentation of proof of ownership of a Note.  


The Security Trustee

€25,000,000,000 Residential Mortgage Backed Note Programme (the "Programme") Goldfish Master Issuer B.V. (the "Issuer")
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