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Loan Invest NV/SA - Compartment HLI 2008






Loan Invest NV/SA,

(institutionele VBS naar Belgisch recht/SIC institutionnelle de droit belge)

Louizalaan 486,

1050 Brussels,

RPR 0889.054.884 ,

acting through its Compartment Home Loan Invest 2008

(the Issuer)


Optional Redemption Notes



This information constitutes regulated information (gereglementeerde informatie / informations réglementées) for the purposes of the Royal Decree of 14 November 2007 regarding the obligations of issuers of financial instruments which are admitted to trading on a regulated market (Koninklijk besluit van 14 november 2007 betreffende de verplichtingen van emittenten van financiële instrumenten die zijn toegelaten tot de verhandeling op een gereglementeerde markt / Arrêté royal du 14 novembre 2007 relatif aux obligations des émetteurs d'instruments financiers admis à la négociation sur un marché réglementé).


this notice is important and requires your immediate attention





EUR 2,500,000,000 floating rate Mortgage-Backed Notes due 2045,

issue price 100 per cent with ISIN number BE 0002378504 and common code 040028528

(the Notes)


In accordance with the Conditions of the Notes, notice is hereby given that it is the intention of the Issuer to exercise its right to redeem the Notes in full on the first Optional Redemption Date falling in October 2013, i.e. on 15 October 2013, provided that the Issuer at such date has received the required funds . The last day of trading will be 9 October 2013.


If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you are recommended to seek your own financial, legal or other advice immediately from your stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor, accountant or other independent financial adviser.


Brussels, 10 September 2013



The Notes, may only be acquired, by direct subscription, by transfer or otherwise and may only be held   by holders (Eligible Holders) who qualify both as (i) an institutional or professional investor within the meaning of Article 3 of the Belgian Act of 3 August 2012 on certain forms of collective management of   investment portfolios (wet betreffende bepaalde vormen van collectief beheer van beleggingsportefeuilles / Loi relative à certaines formes de gestion collective de portefeuilles d'investissement), acting for their own   account, and (ii) a holder of an exempt securities account (X-account) with the clearing system operated by the National Bank of Belgium or with a participant in such system.    

Any acquisition of a Note by or transfer of a Note to a person who is not an Eligible Holder shall be void and not binding on the Issuer and the Security Agent. If a Noteholder ceases to be an Eligible Holder, it is obliged to report this to the Issuer and it will promptly transfer the Notes it holds to a person that qualifies as an Eligible Holder.   

Each payment of interest on Notes of which the Issuer becomes aware that they are held by a holder that does not qualify as an Eligible Holder will be suspended. Upon issuance of the Notes, the denomination of the Notes is EUR 250,000.

The Notes will be solely the obligations of Compartment Home Loan Invest 2008 of the Issuer and have been allocated to Compartment Home Loan Invest 2008 of the Issuer.   The Notes will not be obligations or responsibilities of, and will not be guaranteed by, any other entity or person.

Optional Redemption Notes
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