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Vesteda Residential Funding II B.V.


Notice is hereby given with respect to notes of each of the following class(es):


EUR 300,000,000 Class A4 Secured Floating Rate Notes 2005 due 2017 ISIN XS0224131473

(the “Class A4 Notes”);

EUR 150,000,000 Class A6 Secured Floating Rate Notes 2008 due 2017 ISIN XS0376179031;

(the “Class A6 Notes”)
EUR 350,000,000 Class A7 Secured Floating Rate Notes 2010 due 2017 ISIN XS0501094964;

(the “Class A7 Notes”) and

EUR 625,000,000 Class A8 Secured Floating Rate Notes 2012 due 2017 ISIN XS0772041058,

(the “Class A8 Notes”)

(and together the "Notes" and the holders thereof the “Noteholders”).

Capitalised terms used herein have the meanings defined or construed in the Master Definitions Agreement dated 18 July 2005 as lastly amended on 1 January 2013.


It is the Issuers intention to redeem all, but not some only, of the Class A6 Notes and Class A8 Notes in full on the Interest Payment Date of 22 July 2013, in accordance with Condition 6(e) of each of the Class A6 Notes and the Class A8 Notes, and subject to the Issuer having received sufficient funds to do so, and subject to other conditions precedent having been fulfilled .



July 4, 2013
ATC Management B.V.
Managing Director
Fred Roeskestraat 123
1076 EE Amsterdam
The Netherlands



Notice regarding the redemption in full of the A6 and A8 Notes on the Interest Payment Date of July 22, 2013.
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